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Look at the numbers – they prove that our students and teachers are beyond the pale – leading the state in many areas of performance.

The number of schools meeting Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) has increased from 27 to 83 schools in 3 years.

95% of teachers meet Federal Highly Qualified criteria.

Mobile has approximately 10% of all public school students in the state, yet we received 21% of state awards for reaching student performance accountability targets.

Mobile County 11th-graders passed the reading and mathematics portions of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam at a rate higher than the state average.

The state average dropout rate is 11%, while Mobile’s is down to under 7%.

Torchbearer Schools are those recognized as making incredible progress in subgroups (by race, economics, special education and language) – in Mobile just last year we had forty-eight schools who shared over $600,000 dollars that is used in that school.

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