Teachers: The Backbone of Our Success

Your involvement is key to the success of our public schools. Just in the last few months of 2006, over 3500 citizens, teachers, students and parents have participated though their voice, volunteerism and action. Be a part of the change you wish to see in our schools to make our community more vibrant and economically successful.

Don't just learn. Act

We have already created a better school system. Five years ago children were scoring at the bottom in almost every category, not just statewide, but nationally. There had been no additional revenue invested in over forty years. Facilities were not only falling down, they were uninspiring places to teach and learn. And there was a culture of mistrust and blame. It was a toxic environment

Today, all that has changed. It happened because we engaged the community to expect more. The community created an agreement to reconnect our schools with the community. Check it out – maef.net/. And the system has delivered. Yet, we still have work to do. This is why all of us needs to continue engagement and action.

Don’t just read and believe this. Read the data that proves it. Here it is.

This year colleges awarded $54 million in scholarships to public school students.

83 OF 100 hundred schools made adequate yearly progress. That means that students performed all the skills mandated by the federal government necessary for progress.

The system now has a AAA bond rating, the best you can have. And the financial state of the system is healthy. Check it out for yourself at www.mspss.net/budget.

Over $40 million dollars has been spent on upgrading, restoring or building new schools.

There are over 1500 business partners who through volunteering and financial investments contribute $2 million to schools.

Join up today.

Become Engaged

Volunteer in a school whether it be reading to a child, patrol the halls, help with field trips or work in the library.

Conduct a community conversation in your home. All it takes is guidelines we provide and asking some neighbors over.

Become a business partner in education.

Fund a star here. This program allows teachers to request grants from the community that range from $50 and up to $1500.

Contact us today so we can help you, help our schools. Call 476-0002 or e-mail us admin@maef.net.