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Five years ago children were scoring at the bottom in almost every category, not just statewide, but nationally. There had been no additional revenue invested in over forty years. In 2006 alone several milestones were achieved by students. And all were due to community demands and action on the part of teachers, parents and children. A new atmosphere has been created.

48 schools received financial incentives from the Governor. He awarded $2.1 million to schools that are academically excellent, that produce superior results. Over 30% of these funds came to these 48.

At one school alone, Alba Elementary received more funds than any other school in the state for academic achievement, despite dealing with the loss and hardship of Hurricane Katrina.

The Alabama Math and Reading Test, which is the state proficiency exam for No Child Left Behind. We compared our scores versus Birmingham, Montgomery and Baldwin County in math and reading. Mobile students scored significantly higher than all of them in reading. In math, only Baldwin County had scores above ours, in one grade, and only slightly.

83 OF 100 hundred schools made adequate yearly progress. That means that students performed all the skills mandated by the federal government necessary for progress.

Don't just learn. Act

Become engaged. Know what your children are learning versus what they are being tested on. Ask the right questions

What are children, or your children expected to learn each year?

What are the standardized tests and how are they used? And what are they for?

Then, you can:

  • Volunteer in a school whether it be reading to a child, patrol the halls, help with field trips or work in the library.
  • Conduct a community conversation in your home. All it takes is guidelines we provide and asking some neighbors over.
  • Become a business partner in education.
  • Fund a star here. This program allows teachers to request grants from the community that range from $50 and up to $1500. Link to page on maef website.
  • Elect good people to the school board.

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