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Throughout this country our achievements, progress and innovations in improving student and teacher performance are seen as the gold standard. School Districts, Superintendents and education reformists want to know more.

The facts speak for themselves. We are recognized as a trailblazer – innovating and producing results. Here are just a few foundations that have seen and invested in our progress.

Alabama Power Foundation – One of the four founders of the Mobile Education Foundation, Alabama Power funds programs that celebrate outstanding teachers and their achievements.

Anneberg Foundation and Public Education Network – Provided the major funding for public engagement, which “organized communitywide discussions around forming a new improvement plan for the 65,000 student district. (T)he exercise made the case for change” (Education Week, November, 2006)

Disney Learning Partnership and the National Science Foundation – funded the Mobile Mathematics Initiative, currently being implemented in Mobile County Schools, Hoover and Decatur. A professional development program for educators, it arms them with the best math problem solving strategies for children. This program has improved student math performance in every school where implemented. )

Goldman Sachs – A grant that was utilized to assess working conditions for teachers to uncover the gaps in order to get a qualified teacher in every classroom. Seventy percent of the teachers participated, ensuring quality working conditions for recruiting and keeping teachers.

Wachovia Foundation – Invested in creating a youth engagement program for high school students that developed an equity audit of course offerings, teacher placement and schedules to ensure all children are getting the same opportunities in every school.

U.S. News and World Report, Parade magazine, Education Week, Annenberg View, Scholastic Administrator Magazine, along with the Mobile Register, have all featured the system’s progress. Contact us to obtain a copy of any of these articles.

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